Facing Your Challenges

Life is a tumultuous journey full of challenges. Even those who attempt take a cautious approach to their lives will still find themselves facing difficult times.


Challenges are there to grow us, to motivate and teach us. They come about from the simple fact that much what happens to or around us is outside of our control. But when we do have the ability to make choices, it’s important to respect those opportunities.

Creating An Abundant Life

We’ve talked about our new program “Get Happy Get Rich” and have established what happiness looks like, what it feels like and how, by flipping the formula – putting happiness first – you put yourself on the path to finding real and lasting success.

Abundant-Life 2

But what about “Rich”?  What does that word mean to you?  Yes, rich can mean having wealth or an abundance of resources but rich also means “existing in plentiful quantities”.  When I discuss the word “Rich”, I am not simply referring to the accumulation of wealth or assets.  I’m referring to more than that – to a life rich in experiences, opportunities and relationships. 

The Secret Behind Workplace Promotion

Conventional business strategy has previously focussed on simply paying employees enough to ensure their loyalty and productivity. 

businessman standing on pier an looking on city

However, in the past few years, there has been a shift towards considering the employee as a whole and their role within the business, creating more flexible working arrangements, employee benefits and well-being programs. 

Happiness In Helping Others

One thing that I am often asked is “How do I find my purpose when I just keep feeling so lost?”.


If you’re hearing all the tips, understanding all the methods that I discuss about finding fulfilment in your life but you can’t quite seem to find a way out of the cycle you’re caught in, then it’s time to peel back all the layers of motivation and really simplify what it is that drives the human spirit.

Get Happy Get Rich – Launch Offer – 50% Off

No doubt you’ve often heard many cliches thrown around when it comes to success and the REAL path to take you there. Cliches which are both so full of conflict and truth at the same time that any person who is seeking fulfilment instead ends up feeling only more lost and unsure of the direction that they should take.

Happiness written on desert road

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness”. “Money is the root of all evil”.

While money is definitely not the root of all evil, it does ring true that money alone cannot buy you happiness. What money can buy you is choices, it can buy you opportunities, and depending on your individual actions, it can help facilitate greater fulfilment in your life.

Returning Back To Your Comfort Zone

You can’t live outside of your comfort zone all the time. You need to come back from time to time to process your experiences. The last thing you want is for the new and interesting to quickly become commonplace and boring. This phenomenon, called hedonistic adaptation, is the natural tendency to be impressed by new things only to have the incredible become ordinary after a short time.


It’s why we can have access to the greatest repository of human knowledge ever created (the internet) at our fingertips (on our smartphones) and still get so bored that all we think of is how quickly we can get newer, faster access. In one way it drives us forward, but in another it keeps us from appreciating the subtle and the everyday.