Keep Going And Never Give Up

Have you ever wanted to just give up?  I recorded this after 4 days trekking in the 3rd last wilderness and it was tough, there were many times where I thought to myself “What the hell am I doing”

In this video I share with you the tools I use to push through and never give up both in business and in life.

Do you have a process or strategy that you use to push through those tough days? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Phil Britten

Share Your Gifts Today

Here’s a fact!
The more I give to other people, the more I get back in return.
When you read this I will be trekking in one of the worlds third last wilderness “The Kimberly’s”. I will be trekking 7 days and for 100km for the Telethon Adventurers all in the name of charity.

In this video I share with you why I do this and why you should do something for others too.

The 75-Year Study That Found The Secrets To A Fulfilling Life

What if there was a study dedicated to unearthing the secrets to a happy and purposeful life? It would have to be conducted over the course of many decades, following the lives of real people from childhood until old age, in order to see how they changed and what they learned. And it would probably be too ambitious for anyone to actually undertake.


Only, a group of Harvard researchers did undertake it, producing a comprehensive, flesh-and-blood picture of some of life’s fundamental questions: how we grow and change, what we value as time goes on, and what is likely to make us happy and fulfilled.

The Time For Change Is Now


I believe that you have the ability to live a life with purpose and passion, a life that brings you happiness and success whatever that might be for you. The only problem is that my belief in you will not matter if you don’t believe in yourself.

It’s now time to set a new standard, set the bar high and start believing in yourself. You have it within you to become the person that you were born to be, stop waiting and start living.

At the 2 day Master Your Destiny event in July we will show you a step by step system to help you achieve success in any area of your life.

Phil Britten

Your Essential Checklist For A Fulfilling Career

So much time and money can be spent on becoming ‘qualified’ in a certain area of life, yet very little is often invested back into ensuring that this pursuit is not done in vain.

Despite qualifications, awards and bank balances, if your career does not equal happiness, it is not possible to be described as being ‘successful’.
Many people have come to realise that outer success (money, material goods and fancy titles) means nothing if all you have achieved is reflective of other people’s definitions of success, instead of your own.

Take Your Opportunities

Are you making the most of the opportunties around you?

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. – William Arthur Ward

At the Master Your Destiny 2 day event we will cover the simple but effective steps needed to make the most of all the opportunities. CLICK HERE and find out more or book your seat, see you there.

Phil Britten