Why What You Do Today Is Important

Everyone is working towards something. 


Some people may have plans and goals firmly in place, others may be working towards a ‘vague’ idea of what they want out of life, either way, everyone is plodding along, day in, day out, until they reach that place.

A lot of people I speak to have told me that they feel overwhelmed by goals or plans and sometimes it can be all to hard to just get started.

The Importance Of Communicating With Confidence

Everything we do as living beings communicates a message.  Both verbal and non-verbal communication – body language, a glance with your eyes, words and even sounds is sending signals to those around you.


However, all communication is not born equal and being able to communicate clearly and with confidence is key to being able to achieve your desired outcomes.  Essentially, what you put out there is what you can expect to get back from others.

Get Back In Control With Mindset And Resilience

Positive thinking and optimism, sometimes considered a ‘fluffy’ term in the world of business, is gaining momentum as science establishes the heavyweight role it plays in determining your life’s overall outcome.


Far from simply looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses or walking around trying to be happy, optimism is what adds real value and connection in your life.

Empowering Language

Last weekend I had over 50 people attend my 2 Day Live Event Master Your Destiny, I was really proud of all the transformation that happened in that room and it inspired me to record a few videos to help the attendees keep momentum.

In this video I share with you the empowering words and statements you should be using so that you can Master Your Day.

For those who attended the 2 day event you would remember in the “how your mind creates your future” diagram one of the most important things you need to do to create more opportunities in life is to change your mood/state.

Watch this video for this weeks challenge.

Go on I dare you!!!

Feel free to leave a comment on how this video and using more empowering words may help you in your life or if you have noticed a change already.

Phil Britten

What I Ultimately Learnt From Taking Risk

Risk is an inherent part of life.  From the moment you wake in the morning, you start making decisions, decisions that come with benefits and consequences as well as a certain amount of risk.


What I’ve found all too often that holds many people back from moving forwards to their ultimate life design is the fear of making the wrong move and the RISK involved.